Passing across the Ocean of Life

Let all the people reach the coasts of Happiness

That does not recognize the sorrow …

Living in Peace, Love and Harmony,

Seeking for the Truth,

Awakening to the Beauty of the Universe,

Which they actually hold in themselves!


The new Fellow Craft Carpet for Alexandria-Washington Lodge 22

Creating a Masonic Carpet or Tracing Board for any of the Masonic Degrees is very important and significant moment from and for the History of the Masonic Lodges. This is a moment of Unification with the Ancient Tradition of keeping and delivering of the Masonic Knowledge and the Wisdom of the Symbolic Teaching.

The Fellow Craft degree embodies a great deal of Knowledge and Wisdom. Its symbols and lessons can take a lifetime to fully appreciate. Many Masons believe that the second degree of the Fellow Craft is the most beautiful and moving, if not the most enlightening of the Masonic degrees trilogy.

The Fellow Craft degree symbolizes the period of adulthood and responsibility during a man’s life on earth, following youth and preceding old age. In this stage, man’s task is to acquire Knowledge and apply it to the building and refining of his moral character and to improve the society in which he lives.

Some view the Three-degree system of ancient craft Masonry as representing a progressive science directed toward perfecting man’s basic nature. It is a view of human nature divided into the three parts of body, mind, and soul. In this view, each degree addresses and instructs one part of that Masonic Trinity.

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At the night of a New Crescent the White Sage smiled in his sleep:

“The World was wonderful!

Flowers were blooming all around …

He was a Butterfly,

Which the Breath of the Wind was drifting about,

And flying over from flower to flower

He was drinking the Nectar of Life …”

The dream was a sure reality!


In the morning the White Sage opened his eyes:

“The World was wonderful!

Flowers were blooming all around …

He was a Man,

Who was bearing his consciousness with the Breath of the Wind,

And penetrating into every flower

He was drinking the Nectar of Life …”

The day was also a sure reality!


Since this day the White Sage has never known what was real! …

Who was dreaming?!...

And what about?! …

(My interpretation of medieval Dao-text)

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Jun. 29, 2013

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